Monday, February 21, 2011

I've been

This past week has seen a lot of new stuff for me. Two books released, Tarnished Tiaras and Cursed - The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen.

Tarnished Tiaras is a collection of short stories featuring a few "princesses" you may recognize. :) A few of the stories have been featured on Everything Erotic and here, on this blog.

An author friend directed me to the artwork of J. Scott Campbell and his versions of some of the princesses I haven't attempted to rewrite were very inspiring. Stay tuned, there may be a Tarnished Tiaras II.

Anyone who follows Everything Erotic will recognize The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen. A few chapters have been added, as well as the title change. I haven't decided yet whether one of the additional chapters will make an appearance on Everything Erotic. It may, because it explains a bit of what happens in the final two chapters...but then, if anyone is really interested in seeing what happened - they could purchase the entire story. Instant gratification instead of waiting months to read the chapters on the blog.

Something else that's been keeping me busy is my newfound addiction (and apparent talent) for cover design. The two shown above are my own design and I also put one together for M.K. Elliott's upcoming release of Rescued II. Day by day, I'm learning a bit more about how to use Photoshop and it's great fun.

Yesterday, I went to my monthly writer's Meetup and left with a new idea for an old story. We were given a story prompt and I think the beginning is a keeper. Now all that remains is working out the rest of the story and getting the darn thing written. Assuming I can put down my Bamboo tablet long enough, I might actually get it done.

That's this week in a nutshell. Wish me good sales...and productive writing.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's the story, Morning Glory?

Not much, actually.

Hubby and I each got new jobs which goes in the Yay! column. The boys are doing well at school and life, as we know it, is moving along swimmingly.

Another check in the Yay! column is the Everything Erotic blog's success. Our reader base is growing by leaps and bounds and the eBook sales are fabulous. Joining the amazingly talented group of women who contribute to this venture was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I've learned so much and made some wonderful new friends along the way.

I received a stellar review from Majanka Verstraete at I <3 Books for Ardeur. Here's a sneak peak of some things she said about the book.

Possession is Nine Tenths: Ardeur was a nice surprise. I had expected this novel to be entertaining, but I hadn’t expected it to focus on so many different things, and actually build a rich and wonderful world where humans and angels, demons, necromancers, etc. live side by side.
I loved the strong feelings and topics that were touched throughout this novel: abandonement, love, friendship, courage, independence, fear.
The story is deep, very deep, especially for a fantasy novel. As I already mentioned, it touches so many sensitive and interesting topics, and waves them into one fast-paced, well-written and highly entertaining story. It’s very dark though, a lot darker than I had at first anticipated, but that’s the part that makes this novel more than ‘just another fantasy story’ and turns it into something a lot more memorable and interesting.
I've included a link to the full four star review above for those who'd like to read it.

In other publishing news, Tarnished Tiaras and The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen collections should be up by end of the month - I hope. Tarished Tiaras in the the final stages of editing and I've a couple more chapters of Sidony to write before she sees the editing room as well. Fun times, I tell you. :)

The word count for Cassiela ( Book II of Possession is Nine Tenths ) is hovering just above 40K and I've been working feverishly to up the count to where it should be - somewhere around 60 or 70K...maybe higher. Considering there are currently twenty-six chapters... and I'm shooting for 30 with a total end word count of 80 to 85K. Yeah.. work needs doing.

One thing spurring me to work hard and fast is my involvement with the Free Fantastical Fiction blog. Each Friday, until half of the book has been released, I publish a chapter of Cassiela as a free read. I may have to split some chapters to prolong my posting since the book isn't slated for publication until July 2011 and Chapter Eight goes up in two days. Eek.

Last, but most exciting is that I signed my first ever publishing contract! Red Hot Publishing will be my new home for all things published from now on. This is a wonderful partnership and great things will come of it. I'm sure.

Alright...the fingers of fury must get back to typing. Cassiela will not write itself and I must get that word count up, up, up!