Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Treasure Hunt


I'm sure you're wondering what you're doing here instead of on my website. Well... there's no blog over there and since this is a hop.. I thought this would be fun. ;)

As part of the Read2Review Easter Treasure Hunt, I'm giving away eCopies of Ardeur, the first book in my Abbey of Angels series.

What do you need to do to win the Grand Prize? Collect all the letters on each site and put them together at the end. (Ours is the letter U, btw)

To enter for a chance to win a copy of Ardeur, simply comment below and tell me which real life abby is the inspiration for the one in Ardeur.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Valor's Warrior

Good morning everyone! Yes, I'm really up this early (it's before 5AM EST as I sit to post this but you're seeing it much later) and working on stuff. Shush. It's been known to happen. 

Anyway... *chuckle* Since I'm up and made mention of Valor's Warrior yesterday I thought that, rather than make you all toddle over to Facebook to check out the teaser, I'd post it here for you. What can I say? I'm a giver. 

And so, without further delay, here is the Prologue for Valor's Warrior. Kayelle and I hope you enjoy it. 


Cherry blossom petals fluttered down around her. They rustled around her feet with each step Nerine took in her circuit around Mars’ garden. She took a deep breath, the sweet scent of the blossoms soothing her as they always did when she visited.
Where is he? she wondered. The God of War had sent a messenger with instructions for her to wait at their usual spot and she’d come directly there.
A sandal scuffed on the cobblestones behind her and Nerine turned. Mars approached and, unable to help it, she smiled widely in welcome. “I was beginning to wonder if you’d come. What did you need to see me about?”
His chestnut colored tresses were pulled back from his face at the sides, two braids meeting at the back of his head. He smiled at her, the corners of his sea blue eyes crinkling. “That I did, mea dulcis Valor. We have things to discuss,” he said as held his hand out to her.
Nerine laid her palm in his, sighing as the heat of Mars’ skin warmed her to her toes. She hated the nervous chill that turned her skin to ice beneath the thin summer gown she’d worn. Something of importance was going on, he’d come to her as a God instead of his usual, casual self. Mars had dressed in his finest before coming to see her; the white and gold of his cloak and cuirass lending him an ethereal quality beneath the early afternoon sunlight. Of all the gods, she swore he was the most beautiful. Not even Apollo in all his glory compared to Mars in her estimation.
“What is it?” she asked as he led her toward a small bench beneath the cherry tree. This was nothing out of the ordinary, she told herself. They sat there all the time to talk and read together. “Are we planning another war against the humans?”
“No, not at the moment. We’ve suffered several losses as the humans have started to really unite together. And it was never about defeating them, just reining them in, trying to get them to stop the destruction they seem to be so hell bent on.” He sat next to her, reaching to tuck a strand of curls back from her face. Her heart gave a small flip at the sweet gesture. He could be tender, when he wished to be. “But if we have to it’s you I want at my side,” he said with a smile.
She nodded and turned her face slightly away. A blush from the unexpected and tender touch crept over her skin and heated her face. “Of course,” Nerine glanced up at him through the thick veil of her lashes. “Where else would I be? We fight together. We always have.”
“That we have and I would never imagine going to war without you,” he told her. “I just feel like we need to try something different, we need to try to quell the fighting and the wars. I know we can go down among the humans and if we die we return here but, the fact remains they are murdering one another, and it has to stop or there will be no need for us up here.”
“I agree,” she said. A dark cloud passed over her mood as she recalled the ever present wrench in the spokes of their relationship. A wrench with blond hair, blue eyes, sun kissed skin, and an air of superiority to rival Jupiter’s. “What about Enyo? She thirsts for bloodshed. You know she’ll push for a fight rather than peace as we would prefer.”
“Of course she will and I’ve figured out a way to handle her. Not what I had originally wanted to do but it will work,” he said then reached for her hand.
Nerine let him thread his fingers through hers, the gesture not entirely foreign in its familiarity. She studied his face, noting the tight lines around his mouth and eyes. “I don’t understand,” she frowned at him. “How are you going to handle her? And why isn’t it what you wanted?”
“I’m going to handle it,” he said with more assertion. “There are some things that I do that you don’t have to know and I would rather you didn’t.”
“Why?” she snorted softly and rose to pace among the petals. Her mind raced ahead of her, throwing out possibilities faster than she could asses them for plausibility. “You’ve never hidden anything else from me. The women, the parties, the fighting—I’ve seen it all, Mars.” Nerine turned to face him, light pink petals swishing in her wake. “Why start hiding things now?”
“Because there are things I will protect you from,” he said in a low voice. “There are things you don’t need to know. Just because you fight like a lion, doesn’t mean I don’t try and spare you some bullshit in your life.”
She laughed then, unable to stop herself. “You’ve spared me nothing.” Nerine motioned to the stone walls surrounding them. “Outside of this garden I’m ridiculed for being in love with you. The others look at me with pity in their eyes when they see you walk by me with another woman on your arm. Honor and strength, they mock. They call me weak because I can’t resist your charms. How is that sparing me anything, Mars?” She kicked at a pebble by her toes. “How is you not returning my feelings sparing me anything at all?”
“Whoa, whoa. When did this become about love? I never brought that up. I was talking about the wars and what I save you from there. This has nothing to do with love and...” He stood then, shaking his head. “What the hell, Nerine?”
“What are you talking about?” she tossed back at him, frustration heating her blood. How did he always manage to make her feel like the exact opposite of what she was, weak and without honor? As the Goddess of Valor, she represented strength and honor, but he stripped her of those at every turn. “You don’t save me from anything with the wars, Mars. I fight beside you as an equal while Enyo charges ahead slaughtering everything in her path.” She straightened, facing him eye to eye. “We are equals, Mars. Complements to each other and yet you continually treat me as beneath you. Why? Haven’t I proven that I’m strong enough?”
He sighed and closed the distance between them. “You know I think you are or it wouldn’t be you at my back. Why must you always take what I say and try to make it into me demeaning you? I try and spare you things I don’t want you to have to deal with.” He paced, pinching the bridge of the strong, aquiline nose she adored. “By the gods,” he muttered.
She arched a dark brow at him. “I don’t have to try to make it sound that way. It’s the truth of how things are between us.” Stepping close, she put a hand on his arm to stop Mars’ pacing. She squeezed gently to gain his attention. “Look at me. Can you see me as the woman I am and not the image you have of me?”
“Of course I do. Why would you even ask something like that?” he said as he gripped her arms. “Why does this always change to…?” he sighed, the sound carrying a note of sadness that pulled at her heart. “Nerine, this is not how I wanted this to go.”
“How you wanted what to go?” She frowned, struggling a bit as his grip pinched into her biceps. “I don’t understand.”
“I’ve come to a decision, about this, about us,” he said as he looked at her seriously. “I didn’t want to upset you. I’d wanted this to be a quiet moment between us, and yet it’s turned into the opposite.”
Her heart skipped a beat, the air in her lungs suddenly thick and unmoving. “A decision?” she coughed out.  The seriousness of his expression and the way he’d been talking could only mean one thing. She leapt to the only conclusion she could and her heart sank into the bottom of her sandals. “You’ve chosen Enyo, haven’t you?”
He opened his mouth to speak but she put a hand to stop him. “Don’t. I should have known you’d do this. I’ve never been good enough for you and this—this is the last straw, Mars. I’m done being your groupie. Find another sucker to fight at your back.”
“Groupie? Are you kidding me?!” he snapped back. He threw his hands up in frustration, a whisper of power lashing at her. She rubbed her arms to wipe away the angry prickle marching from her fingertips to her elbows. “Fine! I’ll find another sucker since you don’t want to fight at my side. Maybe Enyo is a better choice since I never have to spend my time soothing her ego!”
“I knew it,” she hissed at him. “You did choose her.” Nerine sat down hard, the air rushing from her lungs with the force of her impact with the bench. Stars danced in front of her eyes and she brought her hands up to rub at them. “I can’t believe it.”
He sat beside her, his voice sharp with impatience when he spoke, “I didn’t say that Nerine. You’re putting words in my mouth yet again.”
She laughed bitterly and wiped at the tears coursing down her cheeks. “Of course, lay the blame at my feet. Be careful you don’t crush my heart while you’re doing it.” She snorted, “Oh wait. It’s too late for that.”
“I cannot believe you,” he growled as he stood and started to walk away. “Think what you want, Nerine. It doesn’t matter what I say or do. You insist on jumping to your own conclusions.”
“Where are you going?” She bolted up and ran to him, her fingers bunching in the thick wool of his cloak. “Don’t walk away from me, Mars. Say what you wanted to and then I’ll go.” Nerine looked around at the beautiful garden surrounding them. It didn’t feel like much of a sanctuary to her anymore. Her broken heart and crushed dreams lay scattered among the pale pink petals. “This is your home, after all.”
He jerked the cloak from her hands, his blue eyes blazing in anger. She let it go, stunned at the viciousness in his movements. “Forget it, Nerine. I’m not in the mood. Go tell everyone how I treat you like a little groupie! Oh wait, they’ll make fun of you.” He turned to walk away, so angry he vibrated with barely restrained violence.
She bit her lip, chastened by the ferocity of his anger and shamed that she’d accused him of treating her that way. “Please, wait?” Lifting her eyes to his, she gripped Mars’ arm in the hopes he’d stay and work things out. “I’m sorry. Please, let’s start over?”
“Not today, Nerine. I’ve had it,” he said, looking down at her. “It’s always the same, always all about how I’ve mistreated you. I’m done for now.” His anger was on edge and she could see he was trying hard not to lash out any more than he already had.
“I’m sorry,” she wept through the hot tears burning a path down her cheeks. The flash of his eyes and the barely leashed menace in his posture forced her to silence. She nodded and moved to walk out of his garden. “I’ll go.”
“I’m going. I’ll talk to you later,” he said and turned, folding his cloak over his arm as he walked away.
Nerine sank down onto the bench, cherry blossom petals falling around her in tandem with each tear that rolled down her cheek. She watched his back retreating from her, a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach growing with each step Mars took away from her. “What have I done?” she cried out as the gate slammed shut. “What have I done?”

Copyright 2012 Danielle Gavan and Kayelle McClive

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Kinds of New

So far 2012 started out with a phenomenal bang. A new business, new friends, lots of writing and a new fan-girl obsession.

We'll start with the obsession because, really, he's worth drooling over for a few minutes before we get to the rest. I'd seen this lovely specimen of manhood a time or two before and stopped to ogle. But, since becoming friend with the wonderfully talented Kayelle McClive I've developed an appreciation for the man and his piercing baby blues. Who is this delectable creature? Feast your eyes my lovelies...

Yes, that's Jared Leto in all his long haired, scruffy amazing yumminess. You can't see how truly beautiful his eyes are in this pic but, wow... if blue wasn't already my favorite color it sure as hell is now.

*Sigh* Okay... Let's wipe the drool off and move on.

If you've been following along on Facebook, you're aware that I started a new business called Red Hot Book Tours this month and am now working as a Publicist. Work is trickling in steadily and I'm happy with the company's progress to date. Things can only get better from here. Especially when you tie in my co-ownership of Red Hot Readers, a page on Facebook designed to bring readers and together with authors they may have never read otherwise. My fabulously amazing friend, C.J. Ellisson, is the co-owner of the page and, I think I can speak for both of us when I say how thrilled we are with how successful the page has been since launching.

On the writing front, I've returned to work on Cassiela and the story is progressing nicely toward a May 2012 release. I'm in the final stretch and it feels damn good to be nearing the end of this project. Don't get me wrong, I've loved writing this book but, after two years working on it I'm ready to be done.

I can hear some of you wondering if it's going to be a bigger book. No. It's shorter, actually. Cassiela will be in the range of sixty thousand words when it's done. Definitely much shorter than the 80K+ of Ardeur. Why so long to write it then? Life happened, as it does sometimes. I'm back on track though and plowing through the chapters, writing at least one a day.

That's not all the writing I'm doing though. Oh no, my dears... I've been hard at work on a wonderful new book with my aforementioned friend, Kayelle McClive. Valor's Warrior is coming along amazingly well. In under a week we've banged out close to thirty thousand (yes, that's 30,000) words on it.

In my effort to take a mini-break from writing this morning, I turned my creative juices toward a different form of art and came up with this cover. Don't you want to lick him? I know I do. Rar.

The book's not done yet but, if you'd like a sneak peek at what it's about, there's a Free Read up on my Facebook Author Page. If you click on the FREE READS Tab on the left and scroll down, you'll see Valor's Warrior Teaser by Danielle Gavan (me - squee!) and Kayelle McClive. We hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it.

I'm sure there's probably something I'm missing that's new since the last time I posted here but I can't think of what it is right this second. And so, I'll leave you to ogle at Jared some more. You can thank me later. *grin*

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Miss Ellie Swings - Part 2

Content advisory: male/female/male with some male/male play

Ellie crawled between the cool, crisp sheets of her bed. She pulled the heavy duvet up, tucking it under her left arm as she rolled to her right side. Her eyes closed under the silky padding of her sleep mask. She hated the thing but, with Robbie having been called in on an emergency at the hospital, it was better to wear it than risk being woken up by the blazing bedroom lights when he came home.

She huffed, rolling to her back as bitter disappointment flooded through her again. They’d lined up sleepovers for the kids at friend’s houses earlier in the week and had put their names on the guest list at Stratosphere, their favorite club. Everything had been set for a night on the town, just the two of them and any possible playmates they might come across.

Robbie had just finished cinching the waist on her corset when his cell phone rang. She’d glanced over her shoulder at him, silently willing him not to answer. He’d given her an apologetic smile and reached for the BlackBerry dancing on his dresser with each vibrating ring.

And so, she lay alone instead of dancing with her husband or flirting with someone else’s. She’d removed her scarlet silk corset, black micro mini and fishnet stockings while Robbie asked the nurse on the phone for patient details and gave temporary orders for the staff to carry out until he arrived. In five brief minutes, her evening had gone from hours of expected fun to her alone.

While Robbie changed from his club attire to scrubs, Ellie had thrown a short robe over her nakedness and wandered out to the kitchen. She’d packed him a quick lunch consisting of an energy drink, two protein bars and an apple. Judging by the questions he’d fired off in rapid succession, whatever waited for him at the hospital was a doozey and he’d need food that could be eaten quickly but would pack maximum nutrition.

After kissing him goodbye, Ellie stood in the foyer, contemplating her situation. She bit her bottom lip, her fingers toying with her satiny robe belt. Maybe the night wasn’t a total wash. She could give Franco a call and see what he was doing. As quick as the idea formed, Ellie dismissed it. Who was she kidding? On a Friday night, Franco was most likely at Stratosphere as she had planned to be.

Resigned to a night alone, she’d washed her face to remove the small amount of makeup and then climbed into bed.


Voices murmuring nearby woke Eleanor up. She rolled to her back, reaching to remove the sleep mask as a weight depressed the mattress on her left side. Firm hands covered hers, pressing her wrists to the pillow, and stopped Ellie from uncovering her eyes.

“Robbie?” Her voice quavered and Eleanor bit her lip in consternation. This was her husband, not some stranger to be afraid of. And yet, when his weight shifted closer, she shivered as fear licked up her spine. The alarm hadn’t gone off, this had to be Robbie.

Ellie wrinkled her nose, the scent of sharp hospital antiseptic and Robbie’s cologne threatening to make her sneeze as they always did. What was he up to? He usually showered before coming to bed.

His breath gusted over her cheek, warm and… minty? Eleanor processed the new information. He’d brushed his teeth at some point but neglected to change out of his scrubs.

“What are you…” she began. Clearly, he was up to something. Robbie usually smelled of protein bars and grape energy drinks when he came home from an emergency.

Soft lips pressed to hers, gently insisting she open up and let him in. Ellie frowned, but complied. Whatever he was doing, her husband obviously planned on trying to make up for cutting their evening short.

The bed dipped on her right and Ellie broke the kiss. She pulled against Robbie’s firm grip, her arms twisting as she struggled for release, but he refused to let her go.

“Who’s there?” she asked. Her heart fluttered frantically as panic took root. “Robbie? What’s going on? Let me take this off. I can’t see.”

Robbie chuckled, the soft exhalations billowing across her chest. Eleanor’s eyes shifted back and forth behind the mask. The pillow case rustled beneath her head as she turned blindly toward him.

 “Relax, hun. I’ve brought Mickael as an apology. Shush, leave the mask on, and enjoy.”

He transferred the grip on her hands to the other male and Ellie waited, curious to see what the two of them would do next. Robbie’s weight left the bed and Eleanor’s panic returned. She twisted her body toward him, silently pleading for him to return.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” Robbie announced through the rustle of heavy cotton. The sharp snap of the hamper lid told her he’d removed his scrubs. “Go ahead and start without me. Mick will take good care of you, babe.”

“Oui.” Soft and sexy, a chuckle caressed the shell of her right ear and Ellie turned toward it. A hint of peppery lemon and soft musk enticed her to move closer to its source. Citrus and sandalwood. Yum.

Her memory jogged and Ellie’s eyes widened, her lashes brushing the satin back of her mask. She’d heard talk about this man. Mickael, the sensual Frenchman all the women at Stratosphere went weak in the knees over when he made an appearance. If the rumors were true…

“They are,” he whispered in her ear. Ellie jerked. Oh lord, she’d spoken out loud. “Mostly. Les filles, they like to exaggerate.”

She cocked her head to the right, trying to make sense of how Robbie could have arranged this encounter when, suddenly, Ellie found her fingertips pressed to flesh. Firm and smooth, Mickael’s thick pectoral flexed under her touch. Ellie flattened her palm, her fingers brushing over the hairless surface.

Her thumb encountered the soft, raised nub of Mick’s nipple and she smiled as his breath hitched. Emboldened by his response, Ellie flicked her nail over the tip until it hardened into a sharp point.

Mickael pressed her left hand into the pillow beside her head, his momentum bending her right arm as he leaned closer. Breath held in anticipation, Ellie slid her free hand around his torso. Muscles bunched beneath her fingertips, goose bumps forming on his skin as her touch skated across the shallow dips of his ribs to the wide flare of his back.

Warm moisture slicked across her lower lip, a slow, gentle caress seeking permission to enter. Ellie gasped and, in the split second it took to pull in the small burst of air, Mick took possession of her mouth.

He invaded her senses. Warm, silky and bearing the light aftertastes of minty toothpaste and beer, his tongue caressed hers. Supple and smooth, Mick’s body pressed in, enveloping Ellie in a sensual cocoon that had her panting and scooting closer.

Ellie’s hips twisted toward Mickael, her earlier misgivings forgotten as he mastered her mouth and woke up the fire banked deep within her belly. She moaned, moisture flowing between her thighs. His tongue slid alongside hers in a slow, lingering kiss that held a promise of things to come.  

Cool air whispered over her, layering Ellie’s skin with goose flesh, and pulled a delicious shiver through her limbs. The blankets slid away, freeing her from the confines of their warm cocoon, and she sighed into Mick’s mouth. Her hips rotated, one thigh parting from the other to cradle him as he leaned in further.

He works with his hands, she mused fleetingly as he released her left hand and brushed his fingers down her ribcage. His palms, callused and rough like fine grit sandpaper, skimmed the contours of her waist and abdomen, slowly stoking the fire in her belly from the tingle of light embers to a smoldering intensity.

Back arched, Ellie offered herself up to Mickael’s touch like a tasty morsel on the proverbial plate. He abandoned her mouth, nipping along her jawline in search of other pursuits and Eleanor’s lips pouted at the loss of heat his kisses provided them. She opened her mouth to demand he continue their sensual oral dance when he licked up her throat and bit down gently. Her pulse leapt—the words on the tip of her tongue cut off by a moan and full-body shudder.

“Tu aimes?” he said.

She had no idea what he’d asked but nodded anyway. If he wanted to give more caresses like the last one, she’d agree to just about anything.

Ellie pressed herself tighter against him, her thigh wrapped around his lower back, foot slowly caressing the soft fabric of his… jeans? She pushed the thought aside. Plenty of time to puzzle over his wardrobe later. For now, she needed to focus on the heated path his mouth trailed over her collarbones toward her aching breasts and the teasing way his fingers inched up the underside of her left calf.

“Mick,” she sighed as the heat of his torso pressed into the soft dip of her abdomen. He rubbed against her, the heat of his body chasing away the chill on Ellie’s skin with each sweep of his hands and press of his lips.

Finally, the scalding bliss of his mouth closed around her left nipple. The flick of his tongue sent ecstasy blasting through her, lifting Eleanor’s back off the bed. She pinched her nails into his shoulder, her body taut as a bow against Mickael’s.

“Now that’s a sight I like to walk in on,” Robbie’s voice nudged its way through the haze of lust and Ellie smirked. The mattress dipped as he joined them, his body wash tickling her nose with its sexy aroma of vanilla and spices.

Strong, supple and free of calluses, Robbie’s neurosurgeon’s hand smoothed along her left arm, his fingers tangling with Ellie’s as he pulled her limb toward him. Cotton rasped beneath her head, her mouth seeking her husband’s while that of her lover traveled further down Eleanor’s torso.

“Robbie,” she murmured against his lips before he caught them up in a quick kiss. His tongue slid over hers in a silky, teasing swipe and then retreated. Robbie’s lips brushed the whorl of her ear, the soft flicker of his breath making the fine hairs on her scalp stand on end.

Solid warmth bumped her hand at the exact moment Mickael’s tongue dipped inside her belly button. Ellie’s fingers twitched, wrapping around something that no longer felt like Robbie’s hand. He’d released her at some point and now she gripped…

Firm, somewhat pliant and warm to the touch, a strong pulse beat beneath her fingertips. The length of Robbie’s cock jerked as Ellie stroked it once, twice and then a third time.

Distracted by the thrust of her husband’s penis against her palm, Ellie momentarily forgot about the other man in their bed. Her lips closed over the swollen glans, precum coating her tongue as he slid into her mouth.

Heat swept up the seam of her core, the flat of Mickael’s tongue licking up the steady ooze of her juices. Eleanor moaned around the thickness in her mouth, her hips jerking up insistently for more.

Mickael gave her what she wanted. The hard point of his tongue slid between her folds, seeking and finding the swollen bundle of nerves nestled inside. Her mind reeled at the expert way he worked her clit just the way she liked. Hard and fast, then slow and teasing; the perfect combination to drive her nuts and over the edge in a heartbeat.

Ellie whimpered with need, her mouth moving up and down Robbie’s cock with increasing frenzy. The way his hips pumped against her, his fingers fisted tightly in her hair—clearly he was enjoying the show.

She bucked against Mick, her body tight and slicked with the need to come. Digging her nails into Robbie’s ass cheek, Eleanor cried out her orgasm as he pulled out of her mouth and spilled thick, creamy ropes of cum on her chest.

“Incroyable,” Mick murmured as he slid up her body. He kissed her hungrily, stealing away what little breath Ellie had left.

Robbie let out a husky laugh. “I told you she was. Let’s get her cleaned up. The condoms are on the nightstand, by the way.”

“God, yes.” Ellie whispered. “Suit up. I want you inside of me, Mick. Now.”

Both men chuckled, the bed shifting as they repositioned; one reaching for a condom and the other for a cloth, she assumed.

A damp, slightly chilled cloth swept over her chest and Ellie flinched momentarily. Robbie leaned in, the bed shifting as he whispered in her ear.

“I love seeing you come like that,” he complimented. “You’re my little slut. I love it.”

She quirked up a corner of her lips at the nickname she shamelessly let him call her. He’d said it once while they’d been having sex together and Ellie had been surprised at how it turned her on.

The bed shifted on her right as Mickael rejoined them. She lay quietly as the mattress wobbled beneath her, the sound of skin shifting across the comforter alerting her to someone’s movements.

One of the men sighed, low and contented, and she realized what was going on. Mick must have lost some of his erection while Robbie cleaned her up and now her husband was helping the other man regain his former stiffness.

“Take the blindfold off, please?” she pleaded. “I want to see.”

Robbie grunted his assent and Eleanor whipped off the sleep mask. She blinked to focus her eyes against the soft haze of the bedside lamps. The sight that greeted her stole Ellie’s breath and heated her blood with desire.

Palms braced on the bed, head rocked back on his shoulders, Mick reclined in the middle of their play zone. He wore a look of pure ecstasy on his handsome face as Robbie’s dark blond head bobbed up and down in his lap.

“Baby,” she choked out breathlessly. “That’s so damn hot.”

In all of their years swinging together, she and Robbie had very rarely come across other men who were comfortable with the attentions of another man. Mickael appeared to be not only comfortable but enjoying himself immensely. His lips parted, breath hissing with each strong pull of the mouth fastened tightly on his cock. The man was beautiful. They both were.

Torn between watching to see where things went and the desire to have Mick deep inside of her, Ellie chewed on her bottom lip. Robbie began to suck a bit faster and that decided her.

Eleanor gripped her husband’s shoulder and tugged gently. “Enough, Robbie. You’ll spoil him before I ever get a chance.”

Robbie plunged down once more, and then pulled back slowly. He released Mickael’s heavy erection with a small audible pop. Turning his face to her, Robbie winked devilishly and slid back out of the way.

“Fuck her from behind, Mick,” he instructed. “She screams the loudest and comes the hardest that way.”

Mickael brought his gaze up to meet hers, the soft blue darkened by lust as he moved toward her. Ellie turned her back to him, wiggling her rear in blatant invitation. He rewarded her with a sharp smack on the ass.

“Bad girl,” he murmured against her ear as he fit himself against the back of her. “I’ll have to teach you a lesson if you keep that up, Cherie.”

Ellie smirked, reaching back to grip his hips as she executed a slow, sensual grind against the thick ridge of his erection. Mickael sucked in a surprised breath and then let it out on a slow groan. He rested his forehead on her shoulder, the fine sheen of moisture on his skin chilly against her heat.

“Bring it,” she teased.

She caught the quick, determined nod of his head as Mick bent her forward forcefully. Ellie braced herself—palms flat on the bed, rear end tucked tight against his hips. Eyes closed, lower lip caught between her teeth, she waited for him to push inside of her… and waited.

Sighing, Ellie opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder. Mickael reared back then, his shaft poised at her opening and thrust into her. In one solid push, he seated himself fully inside.

Eleanor cried out. Her back arched and her head rolled back on her shoulders as she rocked her hips to meet him. Stretched nearly to the point of pain, Ellie held still for a moment.

Heart racing, skin tingling with trepidation, Eleanor swallowed several strangled breaths.

“Ellie?” Robbie asked in a voice tinged with concern.

She nodded, glancing over her shoulder at both men. “I’m okay. Just a little surprised.” Turning her gaze to Mick, she smiled. “Don’t stop now. I just need a bit of working in.”

He grinned, winking mischievously. “Do not worry. I will work you in, and out, ma belle.”

Mickael pulled back slowly, the delicious slide of his cock sparking currents of heat inside of her. With deliberate care, he pushed back in, stretching her to accommodate him.

With each stroke and counterstroke her body responded to his with increasing ferocity. Her muscles quivered with each thrust, thighs and arms protesting the demands she forced upon them.

Ellie clenched her jaw between cries of pleasure. Her nerves sizzled on overdrive, soaring, rushing toward the maelstrom that waited for her just beyond the next peak. She opened her eyes as the bed dipped by her hands and she looked into the clear hazel of Robbie’s.

He smiled lovingly at her. “Come for me, my little slut. Scream my name while he’s fucking you.”

She moaned, eyes rolling back in ecstasy as her body overloaded and crashed over the precipice. Robbie’s timing had been perfect. Ellie screamed his name, her back arched bowstring tight as Mickael locked his hips to hers and they came together.

Robbie’s murmured, “Beautiful” mingled with Mick’s grunt of “Estie, oui” and Ellie’s whispered “Holy crap”. Her soft chuckle at the trio of exclamations turned to a mournful moan as Mickael pulled out and left her feeling empty after having been fuller than ever before.

Eleanor’s arms gave out then and she dropped down, her cheek resting on Robbie’s thigh. She panted, exhausted and completely satisfied with how her evening had turned out.

“Remind me,” she said between short breaths. “To ask later how you found each other. I’m too blissed out to care right now.”

Robbie chuckled as he caressed her shoulder. “I will. Rest now, we’re not done yet.”

Ellie closed her eyes and relaxed, sure the men would find ways to entertain each other while she took a short power nap. She didn’t think she’d ever get upset again when Robbie got called in on emergencies. Not if it meant she got rewarded with more evenings like this one.

Paging Dr. Avery, anyone?

Copyright © 2012 Danielle Gavan

Danielle Gavan
Paranormal and Erotic Romance Author

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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Hunters by Gregory Marshall Smith

The tour will run from January 20th, 2012 to February 19th, 2012. 

Readers can reference the list below to follow Greg on his Virtual Book Tour.

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February 19, 2012
Tour Wrap Up

By Gregory Marshall Smith

Once, Lin Tang was a naive teenager, keeper of an ancient mystical art on an isolated mountain in China. In one rebellious moment, she left her home for the bright lights of Shanghai. Just as quickly, her naïveté turned her into a creature of the night, concubine for one master after another until she fell into the hands of Louis Riordan. Then, after many painful hours of training with sensei Lo Chang, she transformed herself into Riordan’s lethal enforcer and one of the most feared vampires in North America.

Her old life lost to her, she has made the most of her new one, building a mini empire of power and respect. But, it is all about to end. A band of humans has dared to challenge her master, Riordan. Even worse, unbeknownst to her, one of those humans is Cantrell Ryker, her most hated enemy, literally returned from the grave. Soon, Lin Tang will be in the most important fight of her life, for these humans, these Hunters won’t stop until they’ve taken her very soul.

About the Author

Gregory Marshall Smith, raised in Medford, Massachusetts is a decorated Navy veteran and 30-plus year journalism vet. He is the author of the novellas Crawl, Slow Boat to China, The 11th Hour and They Call the Wind Muryah, along with two anthologies. His short stories have appeared in Farspace 2, Ikiryō, Starlight, Yokosuka Nights, Writer’s Bump, Far Side of Midnight, True Horror, Separate Worlds, Mini-World and SFH Dominion, among others. Hunters is his latest novel.

Never married, he currently resides in South Carolina where he hosts a radio show, acts in movies and television, volunteers and covers black college sports.

Gregory welcomes email and you may contact him at

You can also find him online at the following places: